Split synopses?

At the planning stage of a text, you can put text onto index cards or into the synopsis fields of the outline, which is useful. But there appears to be no easy way to split a card or outline item into two. I think that this would be very useful.

I can see that if there were text in the document, or if the document had subdocuments, that this would become very unwieldy. However, for otherwise empty documents (as would be common during the planning stages), it would be very useful, I think, to have the ⌘K and ⌥⌘K options (or equivalent) available in Corkboard & Outline view, when the cursor is in the synopsis field.

As for merging, I don’t think that would be useful very often.

In effect, this would define a new status for documents: a synopsis but no text or subdocuments. It might be useful to indicate “no text” in the card/outline views; this would have the additional meaning of “splittable”.

The real request here is more wishlist than tech support, but I thought I’d mention that Scrivener does recognize the status of synopsis but no text; it’s indicated by the index card icon to the left of the title and is visible in all editor views.

Ah, yes I see that now. Thanks.

After a bit of playing around, I think that the closest thing to what I want to do is the ⌘D (duplicate) function: duplicate a card and delete the stuff you don’t want from each one. But being able to use ⌘K directly would be pretty cool.

Greg Shenaut