Split the split pane

I fully expect this to be rejected, but much like other nut cases I feel the need to ask anyway…

After my daughter (darn the kid) found serious issues in character voice in a complex section of vic-K like insanity I realized that I would have had less chance of a mistake if I could have split the lower text pane vertically to allow for a 2 document (character traits/speech patterns) side by side view. I think this might be useful for others who need/want to see side by side comparisons while working in the other pane.

Or I could just do a better job keeping track of whose voice I am supposed to be using. Sometimes I regret teaching that kid to read.

Just a thought. I will return to poking vic-k in the ribs and tempting Wock with hooch soaked bread crumbs. I am keeping the ribs and corn bread for myself.

No second splits - that way madness lies… Why can’t the speech patterns just go in the notes pane, or both go in the same file? Anyway, definitely no more than two splits - it would be impossible without pretty much rewriting from the ground up, anyway, as it’s hard-wired to expect only two panes. Any more would wreak havoc with the individual control elements on small screens.

no problem. madness and I are good friends and I am used to being associated with him.

I, in my finite wisdom, had been working on things from “character chapters” and had been keeping my characters updated to provide consistency. I have a bit of information on each character mostly those irritating little phrases that a person would use repetitively (most of my characters are annoying)(yes they are based on aspects of me so no comments vic-k/Wock). So basically I was hoping to see both sets of data at the same time.

i could color (or colour) code them in a text file… that would provide visual clues… hmmm…

Not a problem. The limiting factor here is my brain. I may need to reinsert it into the processes. Or let my kid read drafts sooner. She is a bit picky and catches an enormous number of things that others have missed. I am not sure I like her as an editor.

Anyway thanks for considering and using Nerfâ„¢ darts, not real bullets.

Or, can’t you just load both into the navigation history and navigate between them (using the alternate editor keyboard shortcut) as needed?

See, that is just annoying. I already know that I am not doing things the best way and here you go pointing out how you already fixed my problems before I knew that I had them :wink:

That works. Sometimes I wonder if I should just lay down, die, and get the composting started.

Add a little “shine” for comfort and you will literally be pushing up daisies.


Réellement Messieurs

The best compost excellerator c`est pisse :wink:

LeD :imp:

sounds like Bud Light.