split title at insertion point?

Sometimes when working in the binder or outliner, before content has been added to any of the documents, it is necessary to split a longish document title in two (creating two new documents).
Of course you can do this by cutting the unwanted words from the long title, creating a new document, and pasting the cut words in as the new document’s title.
In many outliners however, it is possible to do this automatically, by putting the cursor at the right spot and using ‘return’ or some keystroke combo to automatically split the row.
Is there a way to do this in Scrivener?
If not, could it be? I guess it could potentially be a problem if there was content in the document (not just the title), but as I am thinking, I would expect the content to stay in the original document with the new document created via this splitting to be empty.
Am I missing something?
Thanks as always!

I’m afraid this isn’t possible as it would involve the creation of a new document. Your best bet would be to copy the title, delete the half you don’t want. Create a new document, paste the title, and then delete the unwanted text.

The fastest way to do this to select, cut, create new document, and then paste. On mac, that’s:

  1. Select the text you want to move to the title of an as-yet-non-existent outline entry.
  2. CMD-x (cuts excess title text)
  3. CMD-n (new document)
  4. CMD-v (your cursor should be in the title field of the new document, so pasting should create your title from the cut text from the previous document title)

And there is an even more (slightly) efficient approach than that! It makes use of the lesser-known “Emacs” style editing keys that nearly every Mac text field has available to them. Everything is the same, only don’t have to select any text, just put the cursor at the split point. Then substitute the Cut and Paste shortcuts with these:

  • ⌃K (note, not ⌘K). This clips the text from the cursor point to the end of the line and places it on a special clipboard.
  • ⌃Y to paste the clipped text from this special clipboard.