Split vertical resize

Long explanation/Quick question: The view I work in most is vertical split with binder>edit window>corkboard/outliner. I have the widths of the different panes set where I like them. All is well. The issue arises when I click on the info button to see more detail on index cards. That pane appears, adjusting the width of the edit window to accommodate. No problem. But, and here’s the question (I know you thought I’d never get here): Is there a way to get Scrivener to automatically resize the edit window back to its original width upon closing the info pane? Otherwise, I’m left with having to manually resize it each time I open and close info. Any thoughts? Am I missing something?

I think what you are looking for is Cmd-Ctrl-[-], it is in the Window menu under “Zoom”. This will resize the Scrivener window so that the editor is as wide as you specify in general preferences. If you have two vertical splits open, it will try to resize the window so both are as wide as preferred (this may not be possible on a smaller screen, though).

Thanks Amber, I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Unfortunately, it’s not the size of the main Scrivener window (which is set in preferences) that prompted my question. It’s when I am a vertical split, three column or three pane view, i.e. (l-r) binder, edit window, corkboard/outliner, and have the widths of each set to my preference, and then click the inspector button (which gives me a four column layout at that point and decreases the width of the corkboard and edit panes to accommodate the inspector), is there a way for Scrivener to automatically resize the edit and corkboard panes to their original viewing width after I close the inspector? Or is my only solution to resize those panes manually each time?


I see what you are getting at. Maybe try playing around with the saved views feature? It is a bit of an overkill for this, but maybe it will suit you.