Split View glitch and selecting text

I’m running 3.0.2 Scrivener on 10.12.6.

I usually work in a split vertical screen set up. Over the last few days, when I try to select a different text file in the binder to view in the split editor, it’s showing up on the other side. Meaning, I’m in the right side of the split editor, but when I click on the binder, it’s populating that document in the left side. And it’s doing this even if I have the left side document locked.

There’s also an issue now happening where my cursor isn’t the pointer but rather an up and down plus sign. It’s functioning as a normal pointer but perhaps these two things are related.

Any ideas?

Navigate -> Binder Selection Affects -> choose the option you want.

The pointer will change whenever it is in the Editor pane.


Many thanks! I was concurrently on tech support with Apple and it looks like it was all a result of a power distribution glitch. After a restart on the laptop in Safe Mode it seems to have cleared up all the odd text selecting and cursor issues.