Split View Preference (Horizontal/Vertical)

Hi Keith! I’m loving loving loving B3. Thank you for a fantastic program!

Because of the dimensions of my monitor and the way I think, I always use the side-by-side split view rather than have one above the other. It’s not that big of a deal to change it every time, just a little frustrating that (as far as I can tell) this is something Scrivener can’t currently remember about the way I work. I did search for this issue and now have the keyboard command for switching this memorized, but it would be wonderful if the default of a vertical or horizontal split view could be come a user-selectable preference down the road.


Are you referring to the button in the header bar? You can option-click the button to access whatever type of split is not currently indicated by the button. So if the button indicates a horizontal split, option-click will make a vertical split.

Thanks, AmberV. I’m glad you mentioned that toggle–that helps. And as I wrote above, I’ve now learned the shift-option-command-A and -U combinations.

I still think it would be nice to have Scrivener remember a default preference, though, for new projects, etc.–but it’s a minor point, and I’m okay with it being a low priority if Keith decides to implement it. :slight_smile:


This is puzzling because I understood that the settings for each draft were actually kept in the preferences in your User Library.

User Library > preferences > com.literatureandlatte.scrivener.plist

Scrivener never loses the layout preferences I use in a previous work session. Is it possible there is something mysterious happening here?


Hmm, perhaps I need to clarify where the problem is for me…it happens in two situations. The first is that when I create a new document, the default is always a horizontal split, one above the other. That’s one thing I’d like to change. ('Cause I never want horizontal on this monitor.)

For the second, you may be right that there’s something screwy going on. Inever leave a split as horizontal–once I go from single-pane view to split, I always switch to a vertical split–but the scriv file with my latest WIP often defaults back to horizontal for new splits (hence my frustration).

What I am unclear on is what you mean by “default” split. As far as I know, there is no generic split command. All of the commands are very specific. You are either splitting one way or the other, or deleting the split. If you want a vertical split, simply choose that one from the menu, press the short-cut key, or Opt-click the button. There is no need to activate the horizontal split first, and then change it.

Well, I tend to just click the button on the pane. The default for that is horizontal, rather than vertical. That’s what I wanted the preference option for.

But no worries. :slight_smile: From now on, I’ll option-click.


Might be worth getting the split and layout just as you want it and doing a manual save before you close out of a draft. If you have a vertical split when you close a draft that draft should open with a vertical split next time you open it.

If you have further problems there is always the sure fire cure of trashing the preferences file and booting Scrivener again. This will automatically create a new Preference file. It will also erase any settings you had deliberately chosen and any you had inadvertently chosen.


Hi Lord Lightning, and thanks for the tips.

Alas, I switch back and forth between single- and split-pane views a number of times a day, so for me it’s not a matter of fixing it once and wanting it to stay that way. When I’m working with certain scenes (text documents) I only want to see that one, and for others, I want to see a synopsis, or a previous scene, alongside it. I’m also opening up and working with multiple Scrivener projects each day (it’s just so handy that I’ve started using it to organize a lot of things I’m doing).

I’ll watch the split-screen behavior more closely, and if it seems squirrely, I make nuke the prefs file as you suggest.

My working model is more like Sir Lightning’s. Some projects I never have steady splits, such as the FAQ, but with larger projects I generally always have it split vertically. If I want to focus on one document – that is what Full Screen is for. In projects where I do not consistently use splits, I’ve found horizontal splitting to be more useful because it does not require changing the width of the window. I have 1200 vertical pixels, so it works fine for quick temporary splits.

Option-click = vertical split. Really, this is hardly a chore. :slight_smile: