Split view

Ok, you have me hooked. I love it!

One little thing that I keep doing by accident, which would be great if it actually worked… (and I get that it’s not meant to at the moment)…

With Scrivener in Split View, I’ve got Outliner view on the top panel so I can easily see the section I’m working on, and I keep trying to double click to get the selected document to open in the bottom panel, before realising that I can’t do that and having to head back to the Binder to switch to the document I want, only to have it accidentally open in the top panel instead of the bottom one. Doh!

It would be great to be able to lock the top panel to show whatever folder is selected in the binder, as outline or corkboard view, and then double click on any item in the top panel to show the document view in the bottom panel. Just a thought!

See View: Binder Affects: and choose the View that you want to have locked.
Binder Affects is a bit obscure to some users, especially if they confuse affect/effect.
No wonder, since affect means to have an effect upon, or worse, to pretend to feel.
If your screen is wide enough, try creating a horizontal view of two Editors.
Then Binder Affects will let you lock either the left or right editor.

You have just made my day! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Also, you can click on the two arrows facing different directions in the footer view beneath the outliner or corkboard, which has the effect of making selections in the outliner or corkboard open in the other editor. So you can easily set up Scrivener to work like a three-pane outliner with the following set up:

Binder + horizontal split for the two editors.
Binder Affects > Top Editor.
Click on two arrows in outliner view of top editor so they turn blue.

Now selections in the binder will only ever open in the top editor no matter where the focus is, and selections in the outliner or corkboard in the top editor will open in the bottom editor.

Thanks for the kind words, by the way!

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Ooooooooh, I kept pressing that, but nothing seemed to happen. That makes much more sense now!

That’s brilliant - you really have thought of everything. Thanks!