Split window Lock in Place document overwritten by Quick Search result

  1. Open a document in editor
  2. Lock in place (opt+cmd+L)
  3. Split editor window vertically (cmd+")
  4. Quick search something (ctrl+opt+G)
  5. Select a result
  6. Result document opens in locked window and Lock in Place is deactivated.

Expected result: Result document opens in second window and Lock in Place remains.

If, at 4, you select Full Project Search, which opens a Collection, then any document selected from the Collection opens in the second window, as expected.

Gonna ping this, because I’m doing a second edit and hit this issue ten times a day.

Appreciate y’all are in Windows-delivery mode – must be hell – but would appreciate a yeah or nay on this.

After reading (specifically para. 2) the following from the Manual––Sec. 12.2.1, Locking the Editor––I took it as expected behavior. I presumed the reason for the different behaviors between Project Search and Quick Search (QS) was that QS’s frame of reference is the active document as indicated in the QS field, prior to clicking into it. I click into (or otherwise make active) the other editor before initiating a QS. Maybe that will help you, for now.