Split Windows should have identical properties?

That’s just a piece of design theory, and my knee jerk response to a minor problem that’s just cropped up with Scriv. But it may well be that I’m missing something, or that there’s a better way of dealing with this.

You have your major chunk of text in a single window, and this chunk includes a link that says something like “We need a love scene in here”. The link leads to two sentences of notes, which open in a secondary window above the first window when you click on the link.

That’s fine for two sentences of notes, but next week you’re going to want to expand those two sentences into the whole love scene. So now when you click on the link and open the secondary window you’ll want to make that the primary window. I can’t see any direct way of doing this.

In Emacs there’s no primary or secondary window, just two (or as many as you like) split windows with identical properties, except that only one has focus at any one time. Because they have identical properties, any one of these windows can be expanded to become the main single window.

Scriv’s two windows are differentiated by the fact that one has a close button and the other has an expand button. Suggestion:

 -- either give each window both kinds of button, or (preferred?)

 -- change the button type from expand to close depending on which
    window has the focus.

This would solve my immediate minor problem. But as I say I may be missing some easy way of doing this with the current feature set, or there may be a better design solution.


This has been discussed I-don’t-know-how-many times, and the answer is that this won’t change. You can also use View > Layout > Swap Documents and Close Split (opt-cmd-’) to have the secondary document remain. It would take a lot of structural change to Scrivener to alter this behaviour, so I’m not going to think about making the splits equal until 2.0.
Thanks and all the best,

Ah, OK. I did have a mooch through the Wish List topic to see if it had already been covered. I missed this thread:
literatureandlatte.com/forum … lit+window

It’s good to know it’s on the cards, Keith. Thanks. Meanwhile Opt-Cmd-’ does the job nicely.