Split Windows

From a new dumb user just starting out on writing a book. I always work with a desk-top set-up with a large additional monitor so I can have lots of long windows open at any time.

Can I detach the Structure Side-bar from the main Scrivener window and open it in its own window. This makes it easy work with a very detailed and multilevel Structure, and more space for wide lines of text without excessive scrolling etc.

Clarification ? Perhaps I should have used the word PANE - not WINDOW. That kind of technical detail is always too hard for me.

I realise that Scrivener is culturally a tool for writing fiction; but the User Manual is about 900 pages of non-fiction; with No Index as far as I could see. Makes reference when needed a bit awkward; or am I as usual missing something obvious.

I will sound like a horrible smartarse, for which I apologise, but one of the obvious things you have missed is that you have posted in the part of the forum that is for passing on tips, not the part that is for asking questions. Which is why technical support doesn’t view this area as often as the technical support threads. As to the question, I do not believe it is possible to detach the Binder, but I am prepared to be contradicted as I have never tried it, and the program has acquired a lot more features since I first started using it.

NB: you might like to read the post TOP SECRET DO NOT READ at the head of the page!!

And if you want the psychologist’s explanation for what is going on, it is called inattentional blindness :slight_smile:

I have often thought that “Technical Support” sounded more like the kind of support you get from IT, which rarely if ever includes tips and training on how to use a word processor… It’s no wonder that “Using Scrivener” is where some people start posting questions. Honestly, I think “Share your Scrivener Tips”, while longer, would be a clearer title here, and “Ask for Scrivener Help” would also be less confusing for newbies than “Technical Support”.

I’m willing to stake a large sum of money on this statement: You cannot detach the Binder or the Inspector from the main Editor(s) pane of the Scrivener window. But, if you’re using the Mac version, or the Window beta for v3, look into Quick Reference Windows. On the Mac, you can even merge multiple QR windows into a single tabbed window (like a web browser) with a menu (under Window, I think?), which is a MacOS feature from one or two releases ago.

Agreed. It’s a historical thing, I guess. That is what the threads have been called for (almost) as long as I can remember. Indeed, for a lot longer, as my memory span seems to be about five seconds these days …

The Contents list at the beginning of the Manual is pretty detailed, and if that doesn’t help, then I’ve always found the Search function in my PDF reader/editor very effective.