"Split with selection as title" bug

Hi there,

I have just started using Scrivener, so this is my first post here. It’s nice to use a tool that is so instantly familiar. I recognise in it many of the other tools I use heavily and constantly, so many of the metaphors are somewhat familiar to me.

Until now I have been pasting entire manuscripts ranging from 50,000 to 250,000 words into Mori (and before that Hog Bay Notebook), and splitting them up into individual chapters, then naming each chapter in the equivalent of the binder. Eventually, after further work on each chapter, I have been exporting the completed documents as rtf files, from where I import them into DevonThink Pro, where I now have a searchable database containing some 68 million words and tens of thousands of ducuments that relate to my area of expertise.

With this task in Mind, Scrivener’s “Split at selection” is fantastic. Even better its “Split with selection as title.” I have just commissioned 12 sequential emails from a copywriter. They arrived as a single Word document, so I started splitting each one as a title, with the title selected. It worked fine 3-4 times, using the contextual menu. Then the option disappeared from the contextual menu the 3-4 next times I tried, so I just had to “split at selection” and rename the files manually, then it worked again …

A bit of a bug?

I’ll leave it with you to see if you can track down why this is behaving inconsistently. If it helps I’m using Leopard 10.5.3 on a Maxed-out MacBook Pro, i.e. fastest possible processor, max possible RAM and a 320GB hard drive.



I’m glad you like Scrivener so far and find it familiar. (Mori had quite an influence on Scrivener’s interface; I’ve exchanged a fair bit of code with Mori’s original developer, Jesse Grosjean, who is a nice chap and has a keen eye for a good interface.)

I doubt this is a bug - it sounds more like you may be hitting the built-in limit. The “Split with Selection as Title” feature is only available if there is a selection and if that selection is less than 100 characters long. This may be a low limit and it may need expanding, but it was originally intended to discourage long titles sprawling across the binder. I may need to remove that limit entirely, come to think of it. Are some of the titles you are selecting quite long?

All the best,

Hi Keith,

Thanks for your prompt response. Yes I’m sure you’re right. The titles were all quite long. It would make sense to me to remove the limit, or perhaps lengthen the limit somewhat.

I just tried highlighting some of the titles in question to see if Scrivener would show a word count of the current selection, which used to work in Hog Bay Notebook, pre-Mori, and still works in DevonThink Pro. It would be a useful addition to Scrivener. How about it, Keith?

Yes, I can certainly see the Mori/Hog Bay Notebook influence. I loved Hog Bay Notebook which ended up being a very polished and capable little app. My first real world use of Scrivener makes me think that it is an excellent advance in many ways, but a little unpolished in some respects. I have had a few thoughts on this which I will post in the wishlist section when I get time.

I have a feeling that I will be a regular contributor here, and look forward to lots of positive interraction over the months and years to come.


You can get the current selection count by ctrl-clicking - it appears in the bottom of the contextual menu. In the next update the count in the footer updates to show the selected count, too.

I have to disagree about Scrivener being unpolished. The next update is significant, though; it streamlines the menus, makes the terminology more user-friendly and immediately obvious and adds a few nice features and refinements. Don’t expect anything drastic, though, as Scrivener does what it sets out to - that said, I always welcome feedback and wish list items as they have made Scrivener a better app.

All the best,

Thanks, Keith. Glad to see you can do that. I agree that putting the selected count in the footer will further move the game on.

I didn’t say it was unpolished period, but unpolished in “some respects,” while mostly being a very polished bit of kit. One of the areas in which it is unpolished is the way it deals with exports. While you were responding to my message I was posting a standalone message explaining my thoughts. I have found a few other minor issues, which I will mention as they occur to me.

I very much look forward to seeing the next update. Good to know too that you are a Brit churning out such a good app. I am so used to dealing with Germans, Canadians etc. that it’s nice to know you’re only 50-60 miles and an hour away!


Vat is wrrong wiz us, mein Herr???

And ze Canadians zey arre funny chaps too as I learrned frrom numerrous episodes of National Geographics nein: Sous Parrk.

Nozzing is wrrong! Some of the best software I have ever used is from Germany. We just don’t see too many Brits churning out world class software. It’s nice to see it!