"split with selection as title" disabled

I’ve searched the manual and the forum, but haven’t found an explanation for why Split with selection as Title is disabled. Other than having text selected, I can’t find documentation for any other reason it would be disabled.

The only reason I can think of is that the selection is right at the start of the text view (or at the end of it), in which case there would be nothing to split.

That appears to have been the problem. Thanks.

Just so you will understand why I was trying to do something you didn’t anticipate, I have imported contents of a book I’m working on, and wanted to divide up the text on one page into a series of pages as children of the existing page, which then would effectively (or actually) be a folder. Since Scrivener won’t start a new page with the first line at title, I have to go through a few extra steps to accomplish it. Nothing huge, but obviously something you didn’t think anyone would be crazy enough to want!

If I understand what you are going for, I think all you would need to do here is hit Opt-Cmd-G in the Binder. That will enclose the selected document in a folder (which you’re going to want anyway), and now you can go about splitting the individual sections off within that folder. That dodges the problem where the first item in the list needs to become a child of the current document, right? Now since the current document already is a child, you can proceed to the next title on the list and split from there and onward.

  1. The file containing the titles you wish to become children is selected in the Binder, and you press Opt-Cmd-G to nest it in a folder (normally, Documents/Group would be used to group together a bunch, but it works fine for one selection, too).
  2. As you can see, “One” now occupies what will be its proper place, as a child. So the selection is made on the second line.
  3. Opt-Cmd-K is used to split “One” off from “Two…”, with the new document called “Two”.

That only adds one single step to the process as I see it.

Perfect! That’s exactly what I was trying to do. Thanks (again!).