Spliting doesn't work when Importing a Word file into Scrivener.

How can I get Scrivener to split out my chapters?

I’m a little unclear about the exact situation you’re describing. My understanding is that you have a book MS written in Word, and you’re importing it into Scrivener, and then want to split it up into separate documents for each chapter. Scrivener can’t do this automatically (since it can’t know ahead of time what marks a chapter break). To do it manually, go to the start of each chapter, select something, and use the Document menu > Split > Split at selection, or press Ctrl+K. This will split the selection and all the following text off from the preceding as a new document. If you select some text such as “Chapter 2: The Plot Thickens” and press Ctrl+Shift+K, the selected text will become the title of the new document in the Binder. I hope that’s some help.

From the main toolbar: File>Import>Import and Split

The default split character is ‘#’ - place that in the file you are importing at the start of each chapter.