Splitting a document automatically at paragraph breaks


I’ve just pasted a document of about 50 paragraphs into a Scrivener project. I would like to split the document into 50 documents (or however many paragraphs there are). From my reading of the manual, it seems that I can insert the cursor at each paragraph break and manually split there. But I can’t see any command to automatically split at, say, blank lines.

I thought about using Import and Split, but it appears that this requires a specific character, such as #, rather than something like blank lines.

Am I missing something? It’s not actually that arduous to split manually, but it’s something I do quite often so a shortcut would be welcome.


Import and Split is exactly what you need - it doesn’t require a specific character, you just need to tell it what to split by, and blank lines will work as well as anything else.

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Oh, I see. Thank you!

Hi –

this thread came up searching for ‘split by character’, and I am aware it is for MacOS. I’m writing here because I do not find the import & split menu on Microsoft version. The version I have, right, is 1.2. … sth, not the last upgrade… so … is this feature “import & split” available for MacOS only?

Apologies … import & split is available for Windows since ver. 1.5.3. Sometimes it would be nice if one could delete one’s hasty postings.