Splitting a document into (nested) sub-sections, naming them

I find I am frequently moving back and forth between writing several paragraphs in a document, and wanting to split them back apart into sub-sections. Is there a way to do this without manually moving them down a level each time, and manually putting in text into the document name each time?

D1:  par1, par2, par3, par4

change to (and from):


Thanks - SOphie

How about Documents Menu/Split ?


Thanks Dave, but … Can’t split at the start of a document, and split gives a new text node at the same level, not nested. My usage is slightly different.


This sounds to me like a usage demanding something like iKey or Keyboard Maestro.


Wouldn’t ‘Edit Scrivenings’, which brings the selected nodes together into the edit window, do the trick?

Okay, then, why not use Split (with selection as title, if desired) to create a whole bunch of nodes all at the same level, then select them all and move them down a level as a group? Then, as someone else pointed out, you can use Edit Scrivenings to smush them together again as needed.

No, it isn’t a fully automated solution, but in my experience it works pretty well.


Sounds good, I will go with that. Thanks!