Splitting and renumbering of Titles


I’m probably missing something obvious, but:

Is there a way of changing the renumbering behaviour when splitting document?

I’m working on a lot of articles, all of which have a reference number and a title, and that’s what I’ve used for my document titles, e.g. “CS-0448 Grace Murray Hopper”.

When I split these documents, though, my titles get changed in a way that surprised me, with the above example being split to a new document that gets re-titled as “CS-449 Grace Murray Hopper”

So, not only does it drop the leading zero, it also adds one to the number that’s in my title.

Is there any way of turning this off, or changing it so that it does something a bit more expected? I’d’ve been perfectly happy if my new title had been “CS-0448 Grace Murray Hopper-2”, for example.

Scrivener changing the article numbers (which are assigned by my editor) is going to confuse the heck out of me…



Yeah, that looks like a bug to me. It must just be looking for “-###” instead of forcing the match only find that potential if it is pegged to the end of the title. So it just takes the first one it finds, increments that (and the 0 disappears because it probably does a string->integer conversion routine on the matching portion).

Amber got it in one - that is exactly what is happening. I’ll fix this for 1.11.

Splendid. Thanks for the fast response as usual, Keith. In the meantime, I’ll just be taking the article numbers out of my titles; it’s just a minor inconvenience.



And fixed for 1.11. :slight_smile: