Splitting lines into files

I’d like to take a bunch of lines of text in a folder, where each line ends with a carriage return, and split those lines so that each one becomes a document. When I select the entire list of lines, the Document/Split option has no sub-options that are available (they’re all grayed out). What am I missing here?

Split only works at a single point in the document, and somewhere in the middle of the document. So for example you cannot split a document when the cursor is at the very beginning or end of the file. You can split with a selection—and in fact there is one split technique that takes advantage of a selection, using it for the title of the new chunk—but the end of the selection must fall before the end of the document.

So to go about what you want, it would probably be easier to import your document using the File/Import/Import and Split... menu command. In there, you can supply a break point. To make this a carriage return, select and delete the current contents of that field, and then hold down the Option key and tap the return key. You should see a pilcrow symbol appear; click Okay and you will get a bunch of imported documents with one single paragraph in each document. The end of the selection is where the break point will be. So if you select all of the paragraphs in the document, that would qualify as having your selection at the end of the document.

If you already have the file imported into Scrivener—or it originated there—then you can simply use File/Export/Files... (Shift-Cmd-E) menu command with the item selected in the Binder to temporarily get it out so you can use that menu command on it.

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I see my solution here:


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