splitting manuscript into chapters and scenes

I imported my manuscript from Word and I’m able to split the document according to the directions in the tutorial.

The problem is, it only splits it into text documents and I want to arrange the hierarchy so that I have “folders” (I know they are more than folders, but I haven’t quite figured that part out yet!) of chapters that each contain multiple scenes - organizing it like the tutorial, except there won’t be any text associated with my folders, just sub-text documents that are scenes. That way, each scene will have its own note card associated with it.

I want it to look like this:

folder: chapter 1
text: scene 1
text: scene 2
folder: chapter 2
text: scene 1
text: scene 2

I changing all the text files I got from splitting byclicking on the icons in the Binder to change the text files that had my chapter names to folder. But then I had folders in the wrong hierarchy. I tried dragging and dropping in the binder, but the hierarchy lines still didn’t go in the right places. (I think the first scene in Chapter 2 got connected to the main draft rather than chapter 2, etc.)

There is bound to be a better way to do this? I tried looking at the tutorial again and reading about setting up the binder.

Anyone done this successfully?

If you are having difficulties with drag & drop, you might appreciate using the keyboard for moving items around. Using the four arrow keys combined with the Ctrl key, you can move items up or down and “left” or “right”; the latter two being promoting or demoting items in the outline respectively. You can also use the arrow keys (without Ctrl) to select items, and Shift-Arrow to select ranges of items. So you can grab all five scenes and then Ctrl-Right arrow to nest them beneath the folder or item above them. So this can all be done rather swiftly once you get used to it, and without any hazy problems with the drop target line.

Thank you, I will give that a try!