Splitting the Editor and Media shortcuts?

Did someone find how to split the Editor with a view to getting 2 files opened in 2 windows?

And shortcuts for Forward, Rewind, Pause, etc for media control?? :unamused:

Thanks a lot!



The first is covered in “Referring to Research” in the tutorial (you need to use the “Quick Reference” feature by swiping left on items in the binder).

Hold down Command when viewing a media file to see the shortcuts available:

Command-Option-Space - play/pause.

Command-Option-] - fast forward.

Command-Option-[ - rewind.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Yes! That wasn’t very clear for me, now it’s perfect!!! One thousand thanks, Keith! :slight_smile:

(shortcuts for Rewind and Forward do not work for me, since I have a French Azerty keyboard, and to get [ et ] characters imply to press keys used by…the shortcut, but that’s ok )

Excellent, good to know.

Related question: I haven’t yet used my iPad for much beyond games and light browsing, iScriv is making it look like I might actually be able to use it productively. But I’ve got years of muscle memory in different media control shortcuts - so is there anyway to customize the iScriv shortcuts?

Maybe a setting somewhere I haven’t uncovered, or a 3rd party app, or maybe an external keyboard with programmable keys, or something…?

Or should I just bite the bullet and retrain my fingers? :wink:

Every external keyboard I’ve seen that’s designed to work with iOS has dedicated function keys for media control. As for other key combinations, if they’re not specific to Scrivener, they follow the Mac standards. I don’t know of a way to reassign them, so unless someone else has better knowledge to share, yes, you may need to retrain your fingers… :slight_smile: