Splitting the editor into more than 2

Hello, congratulations on the release! :slight_smile:
I offer a splitting the Editor for more than two zones. I use an ultra-wide monitor so I want to realize its full potential. I would like to be able to see 3, 4 or 5 zones at the same time.

Use Copyholders, described in the manual section 8.1.5

And Quick Reference panels — you can have as many of those open as you want, I think.

And Quick Reference panels — you can have as many of those open as you want, I think.

This is a screenshot of a 27" screen with 8 editors open - 2 ‘normal’, 2 ‘copyeditors’, and 4 ‘Quick Reference panels’. (It’s on an iMac using Parallels with Win Scrivener V3.)

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-03-28 at 09.28.44.jpg[/attachment]

You can’t split the main window over two displays, so the main editors and copyholders have to be on one screen, but the QR panels can go on any display.


Hey Brookter! I’d love to see the screen shot you had attached of all the editors open on your screen. I’m thinking about how best to update my monitor situation - haven’t decided on a size yet.

I’m not sure how @brookter had their windows arranged, but–just for fun–here’s what an equivalent layout would look like on my two 24" monitors, using Windows 10 snap feature.

But I would never do something like that myself. :nerd_face:

Instead, I would do something like this, using Stardock’s Groupy tool to tab my QRs together:

Note the Bookmarks sidebar on the rightmost QR window. In my projects, I make heavy use of Project Bookmarks and the sidebar when I have a set of docs with research or notes that I regularly access.


There was nothing special about it (Jim’s screenshot above does exactly the same thing), but FWIW, here you go!