Splitting the screen left and right AND in the middle

At one point I managed to the screen split vertically and then my right screen split horizontally. I can’t remember how I did it and I’m at a loss for how to replicate. Does anyone know how?

Perhaps (?) you opened a copyholder? I don’t use them much yet, in fact only played around with them briefly while going through the tutorial some time back, but it does seem to do what you indicated.

Yes, this could be done using split editor panels and Copyholders. When you right-click on a Copyholder header bar, you can choose how to place it (left, right, top, bottom).

See the interactive Tutorial (Help > Interactive Tutorial) sections below for details.

For splitting the editor: Draft > The Basics > Get Organized > Splitting the Editor.

For Copyholders: Draft > Going Further > Referring to More Documents > Copyholders.



When you right-click on a Copyholder header bar, your placement choices depend on whether you are using single or split editor panes…

Placement choices are left, right, top, bottom when used with a single editor panel.

Left, right when used with horizontally split editor panels.

Top, bottom when used with vertically split editor panels.

Thanks so much for this reminder–I was struggling to find exactly what I was looking for in either the tutorial or the manual.

Thank you guys, that worked!