Splitting while Scrivening[NOTED]

This phenomenon may be a part of the similar sounding issue here:


With the Draft selected (or any scrivening) and no split in the main window, while scrolling through the document, the screen automatically splits when scrolling past the divider of the first document in the scrivening.

Going to the individual documents and changing whether or not they were last viewed with a split will change how the first document in the scrivening is viewed, but the split will reappear at subsequent documents.

Windows XP pro SP3


I encountered something similar under Win7, but not just while scrolling.
This happens sometimes when the editor shows scrivening or single text file, and I click on the corkboard button.
Instead of corkboard, I get a split showing a corkboard.
One more click, and I get an editor window, still split.
This happened about five or six times, all around one or two days.
Sounds like Scivener’s moon phases sometimes :laughing: