Splwow64.exe error


I recently formatted my computer and reinstalled everything. Now everytime I attempt to do anything on Scrivener I get “splow64.exe file not found” popping up multiple times, forcing me to dismiss it until Scrivener has finished doing whatever it was doing.

Any idea what I can do about this as it’s making the program unusable.

splwow64.exe is a Windows system file that (as I understand from a very brief look online) helps 32-bit software interact with 64-bit systems. (If that’s wrong, hopefully someone more knowledgeable will correct me!) Evidently it’s gone missing or been corrupted on your system. You might try reinstalling Scrivener to see if that restores it. If not, then I’d contact Scrivener tech support directly, unless some of the very tech savvy folks on this forum can offer a DIY fix.

Thanks, will try that.

What version of Windows? 32-bit or 64-bit?

If you have it available in your Control Panel, try a system repair. If that is really a system file, reinstalling Scrivener won’t fix it.

Yeah, I thought that seemed odd too, but I did see a couple of places online (how reliable, I do not know) that seemed to indicate that programs might themselves install splwow64, perhaps knowing they would need it and not knowing whether individual systems have it. If that’s not accurate, then hopefully a system repair would restore it.