Spoiled by the Save?

One thing I’ve gotten very accustomed to is the fact that Scrivener saves automatically without my command-S, and never asks me if I want to save changes when I close a file.

I just finished a 222,000 word manuscript in 60 chapters, and as I was doing a final polish, was going through looking for certain key things that I needed to track and change. It was a fast process, as I went chapter by chapter, and each time I’d open the doc, make the change, close it and go to the next.

I was halfway through when it hit me that in other programs I wouldn’t be allowed to close that doc w/o the prompt to save, which is not a big deal. I love the Scrivener constantly saves w/o being reminded.

But sometimes I was closing so quickly after I made a change–how long does it take for Scrivener to save? Is it possible to close the doc too quickly and not have the change saved at all?

Do I need to re-learn to use the command-S before closing documents?

Thanks in advance!

You’re fine. When you close a document, Scrivener issues one last save command, so it is not possible to close “too quickly” the save command is a functional part of the project closing procedure.

Once again, Scrivener rocks. And it must be a very fast process, because the close seems automatic, not like it pauses.

And I can breathe easily. Thank you!

Yes, it will depend on the project - you might see a slight pause if the project is particularly large - but generally it is fairly fast because it doesn’t need to save the whole project, only what has been changed.

My projects are huge but my separate documents are generally not.

That said, I grab stats pretty often and am amazed by how quickly it can give me a word count of a 200+K project!

However, there actually IS a Cmd-S in Scrivener, and if you press those keys, you see the word File on the top menu give a dark-blue blink. I constantly do that, despite the auto-save in the program. Another instance of belt & suspenders computing.

Yes, I’ve done that as well, out of habit. It was the way I was zipping through chapters/docs, making a tweak and then closing and going to the next that caught me off guard. I was trusting that Scrivener was saving for me, and was worried that perhaps some of them hadn’t.

Fortunately, that was not an issue.

Have I said I love this program? LOL