Spontaneous deletion of chapter contents

A whole chapter spontaneously deleted its contents from my project. I merely clicked into it from another chapter, and the text literally disappeared before my eyes. Assuming I had pressed something, I immediately hit the undo button. Nothing happened. As I sat stunned, the auto save wiped any previously saved version of the chapter. As the backup was a day old, and this chapter had only been done that day, I lost everything.

As the undo did not undo what happened, and I had neither selected any of the text nor hit the delete key, I cannot see how anything I did caused the deletion. I am therefore reporting this as a bug.

Check that you didn’t unintentionally move the chapter into another by clicking something in the binder. Changes to the contents of the binder cannot be “undone.”

Also, try searching for the text in the disappeared chapter (top right) with “Search Manuscript Only” unselected.

Definitely a bug. I found “moved” chapters and screens that I had not moved in a 500 page manuscript. It’s annoying to find this after I have already sent off the project to the editor. :imp: :open_mouth:

Perhaps, a pop up that requires a click to confirm the move is warranted?

I had a lot of problems with this a few years ago, when I first tried Scrivener. I was using Linux at the time, so thought it was something to do with that. But just today, I’ve seen two threads describing the same issue, so perhaps it’s not a Linux issue at all.

I have had this happen about six or seven times now. I thought this was just my computer since I have been having these issues ever since updating to Windows 10. For me this most often happens along with a spontaneous computer lockup, though not every time.

Entire chapters disappear. They are not moved, they are just gone. And most times the most recent backup is nowhere to be found, even though I know I should have one. I close my files every time I go to a new page or project now just to trigger backups. I have taken to saving a PDF file often and using it to replace the missing chapters. Even with precautions I have lost hours of work.