Spontaneous Format Reversions

I have the habit of grabbing long words with complicated spellings off the web pages from my research and pasting them into my text. Convert Formatting gets them nice and tidy again. I also imported a bunch of plain text that came in as the old font I used when I first got Scrivener, and I have since converted them to my default.

However, this practice might be why I sometimes will click in a space for a new sentence, and this sentence will be in a different font. Convert Formatting is called for again.

The black color stays, but the fonts don’t seem to.

I also think this is a factor when I Edit Scrivenings, and some of the text doesn’t fill the screen, (I have it set to the width of the screen,) even though those same Scrivenings, on an individual basis, were written in Full Screen and look fine when looked at singly in Full Screen.

If this was Word, I’d just shrug and know that one of the many layers of formatting got confused. But it’s my understanding that the Rich Text should forget all about what it used to be.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Given that this isn’t a bug report (nor a bug), I’ve moved this to Technical Support.

My only suggestion is that you might want to use Paste & Match Style more often. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll experiment with that. (Yet another of the many features I haven’t tried yet!)

Just as a follow up…

I loooooove Paste with Style! (Well, I always try to paste with style…)

The Edit Scrivenings in full screen that doesn’t fill the screen fixes itself if I change the size from 100% to 110% and back again… so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my file, or I hope my computer.