Spontaneous shutdown (ie, crash).

This happens, but not often … maybe 10x in the approximate year I’ve used Scrivener regularly.
S. simply stopped abruptly ‘yesterday’ (i.e., the day before I typed this line):
I had been using the program about five hours and
updated or produced 72 files (‘documents’, notes, synopses, one checksum);
to a total of about one MB of stuff.

(Not a lot of files or data though several of the files were likely updated more than once; overall, it was a typical Scrivener day for me to that point.)

The shutdown occurred while I was mouse-navigating three sub-menues from the right-click Move in order to move a file one level down in Resources — it occurred when I left-clicked on the destination folder.

This doesn’t happen often, the latest prior occurrence was several weeks ago and this is the first time I gave it much diagnostic thought: However the setting of the Stop — length of S. session and during a sub-menu Move — felt familiar.
(I don’t mouse the sub-menues often to move files, mostly click-drag them or keystroke through the sub-menues; and the number of files handled was ‘normal’.)

The files above were preserved up-to-date; however, the notes I had pasted into a scratchpad file throughout the session were lost.

Early on in my use of Scrivener, I did get similar shutdowns if I got impatient with a long Project Search (or document Sort), clicking in the Scrivener window while it was not responding: if I did not tell Windows to close S., the Search would complete – successfully – then sometimes close. (I think I mentioned this once, long ago; I’m more patient now.)
(The “maybe 10x in the approx…” applies to the sub-menu Moves.)

Although I have encountered ‘spontaneous shutdowns’ in earlier Windows versions, 1.9.7 has been rock solid for me. I don’t believe I’ve ever experienced a crash.

You may want to email L&L Windows support directly with your issue.


It will be tricky for them to resolve if they cannot recreate the problem, so any info you can provide with the exact steps you took would be helpful.


Yes, thanks JimRac;

I intend to collect more data when this next occurs. However, since it happens now less often my principle concern is that I lost my Scratchpad notes even from hours earlier. (I do understand that there is an IT desire to keep the pad’s background overhead low.)

:frowning: – I may start using Write/Wordpad to gather digressions and save that scrap to the Scratchpad directory. (I know I’ll have to save the Write scrap from time to time.)

Thanks again.