Spotify has improved their policies in the U.S.

Spotify now allows free streaming on-demand music to mobile devices. And you can select your favorite artists and just hear those artists and not with some algorithm-selected “similar” ones mixed in. Your only option for play is “shuffle” so if you want to hear just one song from an album you have to listen till you hear it.
Naturally, it is supported by ads but they are not too frequent or long BUT they can be much louder than the music you were just listening to. It can be a bit jarring. Rogue Amoeba’s program, “Intermission” is great for skipping over those ads, though. Between Spotify and Clear Channel’s commercial-free iHeartRadio, I’m listening to more music and less advertising these days.
Any else have favorite music apps or music-related sites?

I use Last.FM - not so much for listening but just for keeping track of what I’ve listened to and finding other artists I might enjoy.

And if you’re just looking for information on an artist or album or whatever -