Spotlight/DevonSphere Express search inside Scrivener files

I have started using Scrivener for legal writing. I often have the same issues repeatedly come up in cases. If I have imported my research (PDFs of cases) into Scrivener, will Spotlight and/or DevonSphere Express index those PDFs? For example, the brief I am writing now addresses the issue of “intoxication during a guilty plea”. Will the cases be indexed so if I enter that term into either Spotlight or DevonSphere Express I will get a result for cases imported into my Scrivener research folders that match that search?



Hi Andy,

Yes, as long as the PDF files contain text, Scrivener will index that text for Spotlight. (It can only index text recognised as such by the PDF document - scanned-in PDF documents usually won’t work because they are really just images of the text.)

Hope that helps.

All the best,