Spotlight Indexing .scriv Files

I just installed the latest version of Scrivener on OS X 10.9.1 (Mavericks). Encountering a problem I’ve never seen before on my home (Lion) Mac: Spotlight is indexing the full contents of every .scriv bundle. This means my Spotlight searches are clogged with lots of “4.rtf”-type files.

Any one know of a fix for this? I’ve tried a restart, with no luck.

Open Spotlight Preferences. Under `Privacy’ you can select folders and ban Spotlight from indexing them.

This has the unfortunate effect of also making Spotlight unable to find your projects in a pinch. You can get around that by making aliases of all your .scriv projects and putting those aliases in another folder.

  • asotir

Having said that, I have to add that Spotlight is not indexing the contents of my .scriv projects, and when I search Spotlight for `4.rtf’ e.g., nothing shows up with that name.

So, something weird with how your Spotlight is working.

  • asotir

That is very strange - it sounds as though Spotlight isn’t treating Scrivener files like packages but like folders instead. When you look at .scriv files in the Finder, do they look like files or like folders?

That’s the strange part: Unless I jump straight to the “4.rtf”-type files using Spotlight’s CMD+Enter, browsing to the .scriv packages show them as files. If it helps, the files are all stored in Dropbox.

Could it be that you moved a lot of .scriv files onto the computer before installing Scrivener? OS X only knows that .scriv files are packages because Scrivener is installed. If you copy a .scriv file to a computer where Scrivener isn’t installed (or where Scrivener is installed but has not yet been launched for the first time), then the .scriv files will look like regular folders. So I’m wondering if Spotlight indexed these files before Scrivener was installed and thus before Spotlight knew they were packages that it should not index.

Installed Dropbox before Scrivener, and that seems to have been the issue. I nuked Dropbox and resynced, and Spotlight is sane again. Thanks KB!

Glad you got it sorted!