Spotlight outside Scrivener does not work

If I use Mac OSX’s Spotlight from the top menu bar, I don’t get any hits from within my Scrivener projects. Using Scrivener’s own search box works great, but I tend to rely on Spotlight for system-wide searches.

I found an entry on the forum that seemed to suggest that Spotlight should work, but it does not on my box. Top post at page: … 8&start=15

Spotlight works nicely with Scrivener on my machines. But I remember that once, I think with ver. 1.0, I had to restart something, Scrivener or the machine, because I did not get any results as well. Just try, it should work!


Mh, it does not work for me, too :frowning:

it does not work for me either.

I believe there was actually a bug in 1.01 where the spotlight importer in Scrivener wasn’t linked properly. This should work again in 1.02.

Aha. I’m running 1.0.1 so that explains it. I’m looking forward to 1.0.2 then…

According to my about Scrivener I am running 1.01 but when I try to update I am told that this the newest version available. How do I get to run the version that has a Spotlight function. I am supposed to be doing a review for Scrivener on a podcast and it would be nice to say the Spotlight was connected.

1.01 is the newest version. 1.02 is due out in the next few days. The spotlight bug was a result of my having to migrate all my data from my broken MacBook over to my MacBook Pro, so the Spotlight plugin wasn’t at the right path to link properly. Please be patient, 1.02 will be worth it, I hope. :slight_smile:

OK, I’m happy to wait. This is such a brilliant creativity tool!