Spotlight Search Not Working

Hi, I’m trying to search my documents for keywords via Spotlight on the new MacBook, but the results come up empty. On previous Macs and older versions of Scrivener this worked fine, but now it’s not. It will only find the Names of the docs themselves, but not any content inside those files.

I spent an hour with an Apple Tech diagnosing the problem but he couldn’t figure it out (since Spotlight can find all other content inside Word, Simple Text, Pages, etc). He thinks it’s a Scrivener issue or setting: the metadata and content is not being recognized by Spotlight.

Is there a solution for this? Thanks.

Check Your SpotLight Preferences. It is also important that you confirm your Spotlight Search preferences. Click on the Apple Menu at the top and choose System Preferences > Spotlight. Quit System Preferences and Spotlight will start re-indexing this folder/drive.