Spreading Italics

I didn’t see this problem listed anywhere else… I moved a Word doc to Scrivener in a novel project via cut and paste of different sections into scenes.

Some of my paragraphs that started with an italicized phrase ended up becoming completely formatted in italics. The strange thing is that I think one paragraph that wasn’t that way initially later became completely italicized. I can fix that by simply selecting the not-to-be-italicized text and de-selecting italics, but it’s an odd thing. I’m running Windows 7 on a Lenovo laptop and the most recent Scrivener beta, and unfortunately I’m not able to reproduce this manually yet.

Had you happened to use the highlighter within Scrivener at any point before the italics showed up in wrong places, or was it all there as soon as you imported?

I ask because there’s a highlighter bug that some people have noticed, and in reproducing that I’ve found it also affects other formatting–bold, in my case. The symptom is similar to what you describe, generally: documents that had no bold formatting will suddenly be entirely in bold. This only happens (for me) after I’ve activated the highlighter to highlight a paragraph and then later to remove the highlighting–the removal attempt seems to trigger some formatting bug which then ends up with odd results where other documents get highlighting or other formatting and the de-highlighted paragraph doesn’t stay without the highlight. In the case of my randomly bolded text, however, it isn’t recognized as bold in the format bar, so I can’t deselect “bold” to fix it. Ergo this might be entirely different.

I had used the highlighter but I don’t think I removed any highlighting. And this only happens in paragraphs where the first few words are italicized. The rest of it does show up as formatted and is easily converted back to plain text, so I don’t think it’s quite the same thing.

I had a similar problem, only I opened my dissertation in a Word document from Scrivener and then divided into several files. I just noticed that paragraphs (bulleted) that had started in italics were changed to completely italics.

I’m running the beta on a relatively new (less than a year old) Lenovo with Windows 7.

I’ve had this problem with highlighter usage–where it takes whole lines and paragraphs when it wasn’t set to do so. (Beta 22)

And in formatted text as well. I might have one word in bold, I look at another document, come back to my original document–and kapow–half the entire doc is in bold–that quick. Changing and saving just doesn’t fix it any of it. Weird stuff. (Beta 23)