spreading the word

First let me thank you for creating such a grouse tool for us writers. I use it more and more as the months roll by.

As well as things I dare not disclose here :smiling_imp: I’m a student in PWE at RMIT Uni [come on - it rhymes] - one of Australia’s most prestigious writing and editing courses. We had a guest speaker in Non-fiction Project this week talking about organisational challenges in writing. How could I help but promote Scrivener and point out the features that help us organise our projects?

Well, I’m happy to relate that about a third of my classmates took careful notes and asked a few questions.

About half looked very disappointed when I revealed that it was for Apple-Mac only [yes - I was surprised by the number of PC doofuses].

The remainder were not taking notes about anything and are disorganised and disheveled n’er do wells.

By the way, I was introduced to Scrivener by a fellow [career] student when I started PWE [Prof Writing and Editing] in 2008.

Hi Kookaburra,

Many thanks for spreading the word! Much appreciated. Very nice of you to tell everyone about Scrivener following the guest lecture. And who knows, maybe all those PC doofuses won’t be out of luck forever. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!
All the best,

now there’s a couple of lines to read between - me thinks someone’s busy in the coding suite

Nah, he just means maybe eventually they’ll see the light and switch to Mac. :wink:

I’ve tried talking about scrivener to some of my fellow MFA students here in Minnesota, but most just give me a blank look. These folks complain endlessly about the giant mess on their hard drive but they’re so untechnical in their outlook that learning a new piece of software seems impossible to them.

The other problem is that many writers use PCs because, let’s be honest, PCs are a lot cheaper and writers are usually broke. I love my mac, but not everyone can afford one.

In any case, I’m planning on bringing it up again in my thesis prep group this fall…perhaps when I walk in there about six months ahead of them on my final project they’ll pay attention. Honestly, since I got this software my productivity has soared to ridiculous levels.

Hence the probable viability of a PC version of Scrivener in future. Not only are PCs much cheaper (just look at the price of a Mac laptop if you want an anti-glare screen), but they also offer a broad range of choice in hardware configuration.

I have a Mac. I think it’s a wonderfully engineered product, from the intuitiveness of OS X to the aesthetic minimalism & reliability of the hardware. Thus I’ll always have a Mac at home. However, as regards owning a computer purely for writing, I’m really hoping for a PC version of Scrivener which I could run on a very small laptop with anti-glare screen. As for the chances of that happening? Who knows, but Keith’s latest blog does indicate that a Windows version of Scrivener just might(?) be in the offing.