Spring cleaning

I want to do some long overdue housekeeping in Scriv. When I click “Find all projects in spotlight,” some projects have a green circle with a checkmark. A search leads me to believe that green circle means that Dropbox synching has been completed. Am I correct?

I also see what look like a number of duplicates (projects with the same name numbered 2,3). I’d love to pare down & get rid of the dupes. Is this safe? IOW, can I be sure these are identical docs & what’s the best way to find out? How did they get there in the first place? Was I inadvertently creating duplicate docs/projects?


The green tick does sound like synced Dropbox items, yes. Anything in your Dropbox folder either has a red cross (failed to sync), a blue symbol with animated circular arrows (currently syncing) or a green tick (synced).

The duplicate projects could possibly be backed-up versions of the projects. Look to see if they are in the folder set up as Scrivener’s backup folder (as determined in Scrivener’s Preferences).

When searching Spotlight like this, it’s very useful to have the Finder’s status bar visible at the bottom of the window (View > Show Status Bar). The status bar will show you which folder the currently-selected item is stored in.

Dropbox tip: Before you start rearranging things that might be in your Dropbox folder, pause dropbox (you can do this by ctrl-clicking the dropbox icon in the menu bar). I once started to rearrange my projects in a dropbox folder, and because so many files were being copyied and deleted, when I moved the same project twice, I lost a lot of the internal files of my “live” project. Because I had .zip compressed backups, I was able to recover, but it was a scary situation there for a bit.

Once you’re satisfied with your new arrangement, turn the syncing back on and let Dropbox do its thing before you do any more work on the files therein.

KB & Robert, Thank you!

KB, I didn’t even know about the view>status bar so thanks much for that info. :smiley:

Robert, Thank you for the Dropbox tip. Happy to learn you had .zip backups! Are you referring to the small Dropbox icon on the menu bar at the top right of the screen? I control-clicked but no drop down appeared nor did anything happen/appear to let me know that I had suspended synching. Does this sound right to you or am I missing something?

Sorry, I wasn’t at my Mac when I wrote that.

ALT-click, and a drop-down menu will appear. Choose “Pause Syncing”, and it should add a little pause symbol (like a double-quote, only bigger) over part of the icon to indicate it’s paused. To un-pause, ALT-click and choose “Resume Syncing”.

LOL, Robert! You meant option-click. I know because I tried it. :wink:

Thank you! I appreciate your time & help. Seriously.

If you’re using the latest version of Dropbox for Mac, when you click on the menu icon, choose the gear-wheel in the bottom right and you can pause syncing from the menu that drops down there.

Mr. X, Indeed it does! Thank you. :slight_smile: