Spring Open Binder Folders - turn it off?

Is there any way to prevent Binder Folders springing open when you drag a text file onto them? I’m constantly moving around short text files in the binder, from one folder to another, and find it very irritating that the destination folder always pops open, no matter how short a time I ‘hover’ over it. I’d like to have the choice and wonder if there is a control somewhere in the program that could provide it.

All help and advice much appreciated.


There’s no way of turning it off completely because it’s built into the Mac OS X outline control, but you can select “Collapse auto-expanded outline items after drag and drop” in the Navigation pane of the preferences to have folders close again.

All the best,

Thanks for the help. Not 100% the solution I’d hoped for but, given that the limitation is in the OS, good enough for now.