Spurious but worrying error messages about backups

When I close one of my Scrivener projects, I get an error message:

A backup could not be created at [file location]
Zipped backup failed with error: zip warning: Permission denied.

But the cited backup exists, and I can uncompress it and open it without any problem. Huh.

Then when I reopen the main project, I get a presumably related error:

Files were recovered.
While the project was opening, files were detected within the project package that do not exist in the binder. This may have been caused by a permissions conflict, in which the file system refused the deletion of files from inside the .scriv package that had been deleted from the project binder, or by synchronization between different versions of the project (e.g. on a cloud service).
The recovered files can be found in the “Recovered Files” folder at the bottom of the binder.

Each time a single file is added to a new “Recovered Files” folder, all with the same chapter title and no content.

The project seems completely fine; everything is present and happy. I have no idea what is going on or if I should worry about it. Thoughts?

Which macOS and Scrivener versions? Where is this project stored?

Are you creating the backup inside the project folder? What is the [file location] that is failing?

Also, you can change the default backup location from the Scrivener → Preferences → Backups tab. Wouldn’t hurt to change it to a completely different location – your Desktop, say – and see if the error persists.

Mac OSX Big Sur 11.6.8
Scrivener 3.2.3 (14869)

Project path:
Backup path:

Although I have other projects saving to that folder without problem, changing the backup location did eliminate the error on close; however, the error on open persists.

Are you opening the project from the Recent Projects menu, or directly from Finder? If the former, try opening it directly from Finder. My hypothesis being that you aren’t opening the version you think you are.

I was opening from Recent Projects, but opening from the Finder makes no difference. :frowning:

Looks like I need to talk to support! Thanks for the efforts.