Spurious characters when replacing linked image


When a linked image is missing or moved, a “MISSING” warning appear in the editor. One can at this point manually rewrite the correct link.

However, after compiling I find these spurious strings next to the relinked image in the editor; something like this:

* <!$Scr_Ps::4>

This is repeatable – happens everytime.

Latest version of Scrivener on Mac Monterey.


Thanks, I’ll take a look at it. Meanwhile these are style markers you are seeing, paragraph styles in particular. You might try removing all styles from around the image and then re-applying them; perhaps something got jammed up at some point and this action you took merely revealed it.


All right, I’ve had a crack at this, and I think I need more context to build a test case:

  1. Created a new blank project.

  2. Type in two words and left a line between them empty.

  3. On the empty line, used Insert ▸ Image Linked to File... and selected a screenshot I just made.

  4. Pressed ⌘A to select all three lines, and applied “Block Quote” (since that seems to be a condition, though it’s unclear if the image itself should also have a style).

  5. Compiled to ODT and viewed in LibreOffice (not really sure what to use here), using Default and stock Layout assignments.

    This works as expected.

  6. Closed the project and renamed the screenshot on the disk, reopening the project.

  7. Now I have a missing image warning. I fix the path and reload the project.

  8. Compile again, and I get the same result as from step 5.

I suspect I need a bit more than that though, because your snippet includes references to two different styles (we can tell by the numbers), and there is an asterisk on one line which might indicate you are using Markdown conversion at some level?