Spurious *s custom-style

Hi there,

I am sorry to ask yet another question.

I have set up a paragraph style called “Block quote” using the method described on the scrivomatic github page.


The Paragaph prefix is

\n::: {custom-style="Block Quote"} :::\n

And the suffix is


This produces the following Markdown code

> ::: *\{custom-style="Block Quote"\} :::*
> *This is the amazing quote from an ancient obscure author!*
> *:::*

Which, of course, Pandoc does not parse correctly when it generates the MS Word file because of the spurious *s.

How do I fix this?


Hm, I don’t quite understand how the * are getting there, it looks like you have a regex to replace \n with * ? Are you writing \n explicitly in the prefix/suffix or are you using ⌥↵ to enter them?

There is probably a second problem which is that { } is being escaped, what are your “convert RTF” settings set to?

Thanks for your response

I am using ⌥↵ to enter the \n characters.

Sorry, but, where do I find the “Convert RTF” settings?

Screenshot 2021-11-09 at 10.14.02

In my sample workflow.scriv project (which uses 2 custom styles, InfoBox ad WarningBox) I have Convert rich text to Multimarkdown turned OFF. In the compiler the styles are similar to yours (using ⌥↵ to enter the \n newlines):

\n:::{.info custom-style="info"}\n

In Scrivener:

Compiled Markdown:

Finished DOCX:

I don’t see any rogue * being introduced in my sample workflow. Which is why I suggested you check your replacements (there are both global and format-specific replacement panels in the compiler). If you do want to turn “Convert rich text to markdown” on then make sure “Escape special characters” is turned OFF.