Spurious Windows Command Window

In Beta 17, I was having some issues with RTF copying. I looked at the settings in Version 1.9 to see that the “Fullscreen typewriter scrolling for new projects” was checked. I checked “Typewriter scrolling for new projects” to see if that would fix the problem in Beta 17, but it did not. I unchecked “Typewriter scrolling for new projects” and checked “Fullscreen typewriter scrolling for new projects.” I then closed Scrivener, opened it again and opened the same project. When I did, a Windows command window popped up scrollling through a lot of lines, including some errors that I could see. I unchecked both “typewriter scrolling” boxes, closed Scrivener, and opened it again. The Windows command window displayed again. If I close the command window, Scrivener disappears too! I don’t think this was present in Beta 16, but not sure.

Are you able to see what errors the Windows Command Window is showing? And when closing the window you say Scrivener closes as well, does it create a dump log as though it crashed?

thePhilosoraptor: Yes, Scrivener simply disappears without warning. Where will I find a dump log?

Below is the contents of the Window command window after I open my new project. Everything to the “**********” mark comes when Scrivener opens, the rest when I open the project.
Scrivener Command Window 2019-05-14.txt (67.4 KB)

I’ve just noticed that the Windows command window also tracks some changes to the project, such as pasting from the clipboard, title changes, etc.

I have RESOLVED this issue by uninstalling the V3 Beta I’ve been updating since I began beta testing, and reinstalling from the download for Beta 17. The spurious Windows Command Window no longer appears.