Sriv png package files not being deleted

This may be a bug, or this may be an observance based on ignorance on my part. Either way, wanted to report it here.

I had created a new file from template - a character sketch - in my Scriv project. I then changed my mind and deleted the character sketch, deciding to go with my own personal template. I then emptied the trash in the project.

However, I noticed that the package is retaining the 80kb png file associated with the character sketch, even after it has been deleted and the trash emptied. (This is the default image of a shadow representation of a person with a white question mark on their face in front of a gold/brown background that shows up on the right under the synopsis.) The files are named ###_icImage.png.

Two questions:

  1. I assume this is a bug and those png files should be deleted from the package, correct?
  2. Will it cause any problems with the Scrivener project if I manually delete those files in the package? If not, will a bug fix delete these orphaned png files?

I’m trying to minimize my Scriv project size for backup Dropbox syncing.

Also, I haven’t tested Setting Sketch or adding my own images to files in the project to see if that does the same.

(Scriv 2.0 on an Intel Mac machine running OSX 10.5.8. Let me know if there’s any additional tech information you would like me to provide.)

Ah. I played with this a little, because it was more fun than cleaning house, and I can confirm that the icon image doesn’t get deleted with the file; I tried with some of my own .png and .jpg files. (It’s unrelated to being a template; a new file gets created for each document with an icon image, and then when that document is trashed from the project the image file associated with it stays.)

Deleting the file via Finder shouldn’t cause any problems, as far as I can tell; nothing in the project seems to recognize that it exists anymore, so trashing it appears to have no effect. But I’m not swearing to anything. :wink:

(Scriv 2.0 latest build, OS 10.6.4)

EDIT - Just to clarify, I’m talking about deleting the new file created, not the original one with the template. If you delete the one from the template, then you won’t be able to get that fun silhouette of Kevin anymore should you use the template later. On the other hand, if you have no interest in the template for your project and you’re trying to reduce clutter, I’d say trash the whole template file and then clean up anything leftover via Finder. You can always create a new project and drag over the template if you decide later you want it.

Ah, good catch, thank you. The code that was supposed to delete that file was passing in a wrong parameter. I’ve fixed this for the next build. In the meantime, yes, you are safe to manually trash those folders - the new build won’t remove them, sorry.
All the best,