Sriv3: manual discrepancy for edit hyperlinks

I was looking for the way to edit a mailto: link which my first effort at compiling exposed as being not quite correct. I couldn’t find the expected ‘Edit hyperlink’ command either in the menu or in a right click contextual menu. So I used ‘Remove link’ and remade it.

Later, searching in the manual, I found in 15.7.3 a reference to editing links : Use the “Edit > Edit Link” menu command. This does not actually exist in Scrivener although the shortcut given, Ctrl+Shift+L does work.

Also, in the user manual: 10.1 reference to removing links “Edit > Unlink” should probably be “Edit > Remove Link”

The fact that the command does not rename itself to “Edit Link”, from “Add Link” is a bug; I tend not to document bugs as fact, even if that means things are a bit confusing.

Thanks on the other notes though, those were out of date.