Hi, I has taken me a while to figure out how the old scrivenings works on 2.0 but in checking it out, I found one thing that to me would be good to have…There are two things here: firstly, when I enter Scrivenings by selecting several scenes, it does not seem to take all of them into full screen mode. This could be me doing something wrong of course but the second thing is this…

I love the search function so I can bring up all the scenes in which a particular character appears so I can check that I’ve not repeated or forgotten bits of that storyline but I can’t seem to get this into scrivenings mode - to do so, I’d have to write down each of the scene titles, then go back and click on them all. I may be asking a lot here or I may simply be missing something.

Any help here would be welcome.



For full screen mode, make sure you click into the text area before going into scrivenings mode - if the focus is in the binder, it will load the documents into the navigation history instead (I’ll be fixing that behaviour for 2.0.1 so it works as you expect).

For searches and collections, click on the title bar above the search area to load all of the collection or search results into the current group mode, such as scrivenings:

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Dear Not Kevin,
You are wonderful, thanks so much…I’m away in my new writerly home. Well, until the next time this old brain can’t figure something out which I hope is not too often. I really appreciate your support.

No problem! Glad it helped. Right, it’s way past beer’o’clock here…