SSDs and constant writing to disk

For the techies out there (you know who you are):

I run a couple of laptops with SSDs and Win10 Pro 64bit. One is used only for writing with Scrivener, and a bit of internet research. The laptop is in use daily, seven days a week, five to six hours a day. I have the save set to five seconds, just because. What is the likelihood that the SSD will max out on read-writes with the two-second save engaged? I might add that I make daily backups of all of my work on multiple USB sticks and the second laptop. No cloud for me.

In the opinion of anyone who responds, should I go longer, leave it at five seconds, or return to the original two second delay and not concern myself with it forevermore?

Thanks in advance, and thanks to everyone in the Literature and Latte organization for this magnificent, reliable program. I’ve been using it extensively for years, and can’t praise its capabilities enough.

SSD drives have lifetimes in the petabytes-written range. (A petabyte is 1000 terabytes.) And remember that Scrivener only saves the files that you have actually changed, and only when you are idle for more than the specified time. So a 2-second interval will not necessarily result in twice as many data writes as a 4-second interval.

I would be more concerned about performance/response time issues with the shorter interval. In my experience, a 2-second interval can cause Scrivener to save when you haven’t actually paused, leading to noticeably choppy response time.


And SSD do write leveling to avoid killing low addressed sectors. You’re more likely to lose an SSD to a glass of Jameson than excessive writes.

Well then, I’m really glad I prefer Tullamore Dew when I’m sipping on whiskey next to my laptop. :mrgreen:

Hearken to the days sitting at the round table in the far corner of the Custer Saloon, scribbling my weekly editorial. The SSD (staggering sloppy drunk) stumbled into the table, knocking over my beer glass. A flood of beer washed across my reporter’s pad. I thanked my luck for the permanent ink in my pen; then the bar maid rushed over with a handful of bar wipes to blot my note pages. I didn’t lose a word. The SSD stumbled out into the street, puked, and crawled into the alley to sleep it off. I’m not sure what “write leveling” might have been involved, but the town’s stray mongrel did stretch out to stay warm alongside the SSD most of that evening. (It was a very small town in the Idaho mountains.)

Best response evar. * buys a round *