SSDs are getting really cheap

If you’ve thought about upgrading your laptop to a faster, more energy efficient SSD (solid-state drive), now’s a good time. Prices are about half what they were a year ago. I paid about $120 for a 60 Gig one from OWC. They’re now selling a 120 GB drive for that price. … olid_State

And for just $7 more you can get a 6G drive that’s twice as fast if your laptop is newer or you plan to upgrade soon.

OWC is the safe bet, since they fully support Macs. But if you’re a bit more tech savvy or want to take a chance, you can find better deals from various sources posted on DealMac

The link below should take you directly to their current listing, which at the moment includes a 120 GB 6G drive for $77 from Adorama.

Most of these drives fit easily in place of your current SATA hard drive. For MacBooks, it takes about ten minutes to change them out. However, you will need some sort of external drive to back your existing files up to the SSD before doing the replacement. I got OWC’s cheapest USB 3 drive box, backed my existing MacBook files up to it with SuperDuper, and then switched the two drives out.

I’m happy with my SSD-equipped MacBook. I’ve not had the slightest trouble. Boot ups are faster, shutdowns are almost instantaneous, and Scrivener loads in about a second. When Apple finally comes out with the next Mac mini, I’ll probably buy it and add the largest 6G SSD I can afford. That should be one screamingly fast machine, which is good because my 6-year-old iMac is getting a bit sluggish, particularly under Lion.

Keep in mind that if weight and compactness aren’t an issue with you, you might be happier getting a second-hand MacBook or MacBook Pro and upgrading it with an SSD.

–Michael W. Perry, Seattle