Stability problem with iPad Pro

My scrivener app keeps crashing when I go to the projects view. I installed scrivener for iOS yesterday. I also linked a single project with dropbox. All this worked yesterday before leaving work. This morning, the application keeps crashing almost immediately. I was able to open the project and keep the the project view open without any crashes. When I go back to the projects view, the app crashes. Note, the application does not crash if I shut off wifi connectivity to the ipad. My platform is the first generation iPad Pro.

You can always try deleting the app and re-install it.
Or maybe there is something in one of your projects that is making Scrivener unstable?
I have been running Scrivener on my 12" iPad pro since iOS Scrivener was released, without problems.

You might try resetting the sync cache in Settings, under Scrivener reset options, before taking a reinstall step. If some corrupted sync data is on the local device, then every time you trigger a sync check it might crash, and that’s something that would happen on the project screen.