Stacey's a 'Thirty-Something'!! & Hugh's an OAP

Y’ thought you’d snook under the radar,yesterday…didn’t y’? Y’ Naughty girl :open_mouth:
We’ll let you off this time…don’t do it again.

Happy Birtday Hugh, y’old codger :wink:

“Blessings”, as Stacey might say.


Awwwww thank you vic-k!

Thank you as well Martin.

Happy 30th! Ah youth. :slight_smile:

Youth? What’s that? I’ve forgotten … it’s too long ago.

Congratulations Stacey … enjoy it and don’t waste it, whatever it is! :smiley:

And Hugh, welcome to this fold of those who should be venerated … :smiley:


Whaa!! 56yr. old bottle of Bowmore, for a pressy !! Ain’t that veneration enough. Wot more would you like?! To be fed it intravenously tch!tch! wot y’ like.

Just discovered this. Thanks all, but especially Vic.


More than welcome, shipmate! :wink: :smiley:

Wow. Pastebomb into the wrong forum. Haven’t done that in awhile. Not since the days of Citadel and DOC BBSes… :wink:

Slackware 13.37, KDE
Arch64, KDE

:unamused: :unamused: :unamused: Young Mistress garpu, given the enormous burden you have to bear, nobody
(WinScrivers&Macheads) will hold you to account for making a simple mistake. :smiley:


hey stacey and hugh, a happy birthday to you both. sorry i missed it by so much.