Stacey's how old? 30!!

Another girl member of the crew messing about with birthdays.
I’d swear I read Stacey posting that she had to re-sit her ‘A’ Levels last year, because of repeated bouts of binge drinking coinciding with inconveniently timed exams.

Ah well…whatever your real ale…oops sorry :blush: …real age, Happy Birthday Stace :smiley:

Awww thanks Vic-K blows kiss

I’ve managed to make it to the grand old age of 30… I’m still a child at heart! Although, I still have nightmares about my BA Humanities Degree 9 years later!!!

Have a great night and have a drink, or three, on me!!!

It’s never to late to have a happy childhood. Is what I say.

PS. Warning. If you tell Vic-k to have a drink on you the whole pub will be singing dirty irish songs about you by the nights end and your bank account will be overdraft and empty…


PS. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! :slight_smile:

Oh no I missed it! Happy slightly belated birthday, Stacey. Take this as permission to celebrate for a whole extra day!


big grin


happy belated birthday…

I’m hitting the big 40 this year… I’m trying to ignore it :wink:

Doesn’t help. Still happens. You just don’t get any stuff.

All you young people! I’ve just realised that in 10 days time at around 03:15 hours GMT, I am going to be 66.6 years old and it’s the very devil! :smiling_imp:



Bah. I stopped aging at 27. I just keep anniversaries of this birthday so the rest of you don’t feel bad.

We all know that…but you’ve regressing ever since…ain’t y’?

Its never too late to have a happy childhood!

That’s the spirit. Bask in the eternal sunshine.

Lets reflect. If she is thirty then she may remember these things…

I’m not sure this one is fair. A “pro” device may be beyond the normal 30 year old that would likely have one heard of “cassettes”.

Speww WOBBEWY. R - O - B - B - E - R - Y. Wong. Twy again.

You sire are correct. I will update said picture with one that may have been more “common” during the era.

How did you get into my house to take that?!

I pretended I was the bored Maytag repairman. :slight_smile: