Stack icon glitch

When replying to this post [url]] I discovered a small glitch:

If you have a parent document containing text, the expected stacked text document icon is displayed. But when you add a synopsis to the parent document the icon changes into a single text document icon.

This is unexpected. I would expect the icon not to change.

In contrast: when you have a parent document without text and without synopsis, a stacked empty document icon is displayed. Once you enter a synopsis a stacked index card icon appears, which is expected.

Entering a synopsis should never alter the stack appearance of the icon but at most only the document/index card appearance, or?

Obviously today I did not have much to do so that I could analyze this world-shattering problem :wink:

Thanks for bringing this world-shattering problem to our attention, Linus! :wink:
Case 1(top pair of images) is a bug. I filed a bug report, and will be fixed with the next update. Case 2(bottom pair of images) is a feature.