"Stacking" Notes, References, Keywords, etc.

(Unless I am missing something) You now must click on each feature’s icon to open it up in the panel below General Meta-data. If there was a way to open and stack them in that panel when they contain content, that would be very nice.
Thanks for a terrific product!

Thanks, JW. I believe as well that the fixed frame, either/or model for the Inspector wants improving. Here’s an approach from the HTML editor BlueGriffon. Tabs still needed, but they’re well sized and easily reached. The collapsible vertical elements stack and scroll.


Rgds – Jerome

Items will be better organised (we hope) in a future build, but the tabs will remain. The collapsible approach for all tabs works badly for areas that are resizable.

Thanks to both responders! One thing I have come to admire in Scrivener is the developers’ determination to continue innovating and improving its features.
Now that I am discovering inline annotation and comments, a more “flexible” panel for these invaluable elements would be nice. For the record, I was not suggesting the elimination of the tabs, since they serve such a useful purpose today and might be even more powerful in the future.
Although a bit off topic, it would be nice if some of the open/close panels (such as that for Keywords) could be positioned by the user and then kept in that position between sessions.

To me, the most flexible, compact and information-rich approach to the Inspector would be another tree control, similar to the Binder. Two levels, with a node line for each date, reference, note, keyword or comment. Hover on a node for a preview; double click for a pop-up or inline edit. A collapsed node shows a count. Drag and drop immediately available for any element that supports these moves. The very model of efficiency.

But aesthetically it would be busy. I suspect writers might not feel comfortable being closed in by trees as they composed and edited in center panes. And complex, as the control would have to reject keywords being moved to the doc ref branch, for example.

In any event, I’ll be thrilled to see what the team has conjured up for the right pane come beta time.

Rgds – Jerome

Sounds cool, Jerome! I was overjoyed to notice that the tabs have an asterisk if they contain content. (I’m so easily pleased :laughing: )

What about a panels system that closely resembles the functionality (but not necessarily the look & feel) used in Adobe products like Illustrator ?

See the video and the 3rd illustration on this page --> http://howtech.tv/basics/how-to-work-with-the-panels-in-adobe-illustrator/